June 23 2006.

Acumen has further developed its unique CAT6 immobilser to create a secure solution for dirt bikes with electric start but no ignition key.
The original Cat 6 was the first motorcycle immobiliser sdesigned pecifically for off-road bikes. Based on the company's insurance approved devices, it immobilises the machine automatically, 30 seconds after the engine is switched off. Unlike conventional immobilisers, the Cat 6 requires no vehicle battery, which makes it ideal not only for motocross & enduro machines, but also for other high value leisure items, like Jet Skis, Quads and even ride-on lawn-mowers.
There are significant numbers of enduro, trail and supermoto bikes that are already equipped with small batteries to power electric starters, but are not protected with an ignition key system.  Quite often, these types of motorcycle have a permanent power feed to the indicator/brake light/horn circuit. These small batteries can be quickly drained, for example, by leaving the indicators flashing while stopping for a short break.  The Cat 6.1 prevents this from happening and, thanks to its independent power supply, it puts no additional strain on the battery, because the Cat 6.1 has an internal power source that is recharged while the engine is running.
This microprocessor-controlled system is 100% waterproof, features one colour wiring and is operated via unique stainless steel touch keys.  It has a bi-colour LED status display, so owners can see what's happening, contained in a small box measurung just 55mm x 55mm x 30mm, that can easily be concealed beneath the body panels.
Designed for dealer or DIY fit, the Acumen Cat 6.1 comes complete with two keys, fitting guide, users guide and fitting kit, priced at £149- Including VAT at 17.5%.
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