April 17 2012.

WMD is now the UK importer of Impex carburettor service and repair parts from Japan.

Impex is a long-time supplier to Japanese original equipment manufacturers and has now introduced a range of carburettor service and repair kits. The various jets, gaskets, springs, O rings and other component parts of a carburettor become worn over time and these new Impex kits include all the replacement parts required to service and refresh a single carburettor and give a substantial saving over purchasing the individual original equipment parts, many of which have been discontinued.

Impex service and repair kits are more complete than other aftermarket sets, containing, where appropriate for the model:
- Main, pilot, needle and slow/idle jets

- Needle

- Adjusters

- Float valve, seat and washer

- Gaskets and O rings

- Springs and circlips

Manufactured in Japan to the same specification as the original equipment part, Impex carburettor service and repair kits retail from £19.96 including VAT.

Popular early models include (retail price per carburettor including VAT):
Yamaha RD 350: £19.96
Suzuki GS 750: £20.60
Honda C90C: £22.78

Trade discounts apply.

For details of the full range contact:
Tel: 01273 595746.