April 27 2004. R&D Racing is recognised as one of the leading companies specialising in the 50cc Auto and 65cc racing classes in the USA. Harglo already distribute the UK's best-selling Malaguti mini-crossers, alongside the Italian DB and Spanish Factory 50cc auto race bikes and are eager to capitalise on their experience with a range of high specification performance products.

The Company is best known Stateside for its Dominator clutch, which has proven itself over the past 6 years by enhancing transmission pick-up & drive. It does this by holding back until the optimum point in the power-band & then engages with a BANG! Retail price is £274.63 inc. VAT. Suitable for the hugely popular 50cc Franco-Morini S6 engine, which powers most popular 50cc autos, including the LEM, Malaguti, DB & Factory mini-crossers as well as Polini & KTM models.

Other products in the range include triple clamps & suspension links for the Kawasaki KX65 & Suzuki RM65 and exhaust systems to suit KTM, LEM & Polini mini-bike engines.

Details are in the brand new FREE colour catalogue.

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