April 9 2008.

Andover Norton International Ltd., the Norton Motors Group company responsible for the production and distribution of Norton Commando and Dominator parts, has signed a sales agreement today with Trevor Gleadall of L.P. Williams, to acquire the business of JR Technical Publications Ltd.

Andover Norton will take on all stock, print files, and equipment necessary to continue the distribution and, when necessary, reproduction of the line of Norton, BSA and Triumph Workshop Manuals, Parts Lists, Riders Handbooks, and Technical Wallcharts previously distributed by JR Technical Publications Ltd.

"This deal gives me the opportunity to further develop and concentrate on the L.P. Williams side of the business, which is the supply of Triumph motorcycle parts with a special emphasis on the Trident and Rocket 3 models, for which L.P. Williams has always enjoyed a good reputation. With parts for these triples getting more and more difficult to source, I really do not have the time necessary to further develop JR Technical Publications Ltd", says Trevor Gleadall, owner of JR Technical Publications Ltd and L.P. Williams.

"When the business was for sale in 1994 I was one of the bidders. Now that we have Andover Norton as a supplier to the trade, I see a viable future for the business we acquire from J.R. Technical Publications Ltd. We publish Norton Parts Lists, Workshop Manuals, Riders Handbooks and Technical Wall Charts already, and were a supplier to J.R. Technical Publications Ltd for these. Dealers ordering their spares from us can now, more easily than ordering just the books from one source, put the part numbers on their existing order for Norton parts and save on time, freight, and effort, in getting the books on the shelves. As many of our dealers have Triumph and BSA parts alongside their Norton parts, I see a potential synergy effect" says Joe Seifert, owner of the Norton Motors Group. "We will put the whole list of books onto our webpage as soon as possible, and hope to be up and running with these approximately 300 new lines within the next couple of weeks. Our main interest is the supply of the trade, but we will process orders from retail customers."

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