December 12 2011.

When Sam Jackson had his Yamaha R6 stolen from his home in Enfield in October he was glad that it had an Acutrac Locator tracker fitted.

After receiving a message alert to his mobile phone he, together with Acutrac's MD Dave Martin, was able to pinpoint the bike in a street close to his house. Sadly, the local police took no action to recover it and 12 hours later the bike was on the move again, eventually coming to rest in a row of containers in Edmonton, North London. Given this information, amazingly, the police still took no action.

Two weeks later, with his Acutrac Locator still keeping a watching brief on the bike, Sam contacted the Enfield Independent to alert them to the Police lethargy. This did the trick.

When the story broke, Haringey Police acted fast, assigning a new officer and, after speaking with Sam and Dave - who explained how the system worked and talked the police through the chain of events that could be seen on the Acutrac web panel, they raided the row of containers, finding Sam's bike and eight others just three metres away from the place that the Acutrac Locator had directed them to.

A delighted Sam said: "Dave from Acutrac was brilliant and thanks are also due to the Enfield Independent for getting things moving.". He also praised the Haringey Police whilst still wondering why it took so long for them to act.

Sam will be re-united with his bike shortly, after forensic checks are complete. Meanwhile, Haringey Police are believed to have arrested those responsible for the thefts.

David Martin
Acutrac Ltd
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