July 20 2006.

The Emergency Aid for Bikers course, launched in February 2006, is already proving a big success. 
Developed by St. John Ambulance and backed by motorbike insurance specialist Bikesure, the course is designed to help save the lives of bikers involved in road accidents.  Participants learn what to do and look for if they're first on the scene of an accident. 
St. John Ambulance county offices throughout England, Wales and the Isle of Man are successfully running or planning to run the courses, and have already trained hundreds of bikers and motorists. 
"We're delighted with the response," says Sue Skoyles, Training Manager of St. John Ambulance, Norfolk.  "There's no doubt that the marketing, backed by Bikesure, has helped to create enormous interest.  Some counties who hadn't the resources to run the course found that demand was such that they were encouraged to change their training schedules to accommodate it." 
Bikesure's national campaign enhanced the activities of individual St. John Ambulance county offices, which conduct their own vigorous local PR activities.  This combined attack has raised the course's profile through a variety of means - from the Kent police including the course details in their bikers familiarisation pack, to coverage at the Isle of Man TT Races and on several local TV stations. 
Bikesure's support centred on eye-catching publicity leaflets and posters.  So far the company has spent around ¬£30,000 and is also offering those taking the course a 5% discount on their insurance.  "As a charity, St. John Ambulance simply doesn't have the budget for that kind of publicity for every course we develop," said Sue Skoyles.
"But the results of this kind of partnership are clear.  We're hoping the success will encourage other organisations to join us to support similar first aid initiatives in the future." 
To find out about your nearest course, call your local St. John Ambulance centre on 08700 10 49 50. 
Bikesure has a full range of specialist policies for the motorcycle enthusiast, including schemes for trikes and quads.  For details freephone the Bikesure quote line on 0800 089 2000, email the company at or visit