January 11 2012.

WMD has introduced the Sunstar range of aluminium trail and off-road racing sprockets.

Sunstar is the largest supplier of original equipment steel sprockets worldwide, and the same research and development programme that brought one of the strongest steel sprockets to the market has now focused on producing the best range of off-road aluminium sprockets.

The new Sunstar aluminium sprockets are computer designed to provide maximum strength and minimum weight. The design, cut from aerospace grade 7075 T6 aluminium, features a unique tooth valley profile, which provides 24% more chain contact area than a standard sprocket for optimum power transfer.

Aluminium sprockets are notorious for being fast-wearing. Sunstar offers increased durability by applying an advanced anodized coating that in tests has shown to increase lifespan by 15% in comparison to other brands. It adds a superb finish to the sprocket too!

Sample retail prices including VAT:
Suzuki DR-Z400: £39.95
Yamaha WR250: £39.95
Kawasaki KX250: £39.95

WMD trade terms apply.

For full Sunstar sprocket range contact:
Tel: 01273 595746