January 16 2012.

Good news for Forcefield retailers as Forcefield brand awareness grows

Forcefield Body Armour has announced that they have ceased selling directly to consumers and are actively referring potential customers to retailers in their local area.

After another successful trading year in 2011 and the appointment of a number of new dealers and distributors in key geographical locations, the decision was taken as part of the on-going strategy of maximum dealer support and is designed to ensure both increased footfall for Forcefield dealers and increased opportunity for consumers to touch, and more importantly, try Forcefield products and ensure they have the correct size and fit.

Forcefield Body Armour director of sales and marketing, Matthew Dawson, said: "It was a big decision and very much against the current trend, but it is something we have wanted to do for a while, knowing that it will drive more consumers to dealers. After another exceptional trading year that has seen a 30% growth in Forcefield sales and a good number of new and focused dealers that see value in stocking the product, we felt the time was right to show our support for the trade."

Forcefield Body Armour is still looking to appoint quality dealers in a number of locations and can be contacted directly on 01933 410818 or  

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