July 27 2006.

IKON has developed two replacement shocks for the Rocket III that offer a smoother ride and also a lower height option. Weighing in at a beefy 320 kg and pumping out 140 bhp, the 2.3 litre triple is a physically imposing machine. The technicians at IKON believe the Rocket III rear suspension is over-sprung and under-damped, making the ride harsher than necessary. As a result they chose a progressive rate spring, which gives a ride that is softer overall compared to the original, largely linear spring design.
Owners can dial in the ride of their choice thanks to three-position spring pre-load and four-position rebound damping adjustments, making the IKON shock a versatile choice, offered in either standard or 35mm lowered height.  IKON can even cater for riders who need stronger springing for carrying particularly heavy loads with a new heavier spring available to order.
In line with all IKON shocks, the Rocket III units can be rebuilt and are individually dyno tested and checked before leaving the factory. 
The IKON Rocket III shocks have chrome plated bodies and are offered with a choice of black or chrome springs at a retail price of £262.47 - inc. VAT (£310.41  for chrome).
Call 01926 497375 or visit www.normanhyde.co.uk for details