January 26 2012.

The Michelin Power Pure SC was designed to allow users to get the most out of their scooter's performance, thanks to Michelin 2CT. The world's first scooter tyre made with dual compound technology, the Power Pure SC provides driving enjoyment, sportiness, grip and longevity. In short, its performance levels were designed to make it the first Sport Premium tyre in the scooter segment.

Purpose-developed for racing tyres, dual compound technology aims to reconcile contradictory technical demands by dividing the tyre into different parts. Each part integrates a type of rubber specially designed to meet specific usage demands. Introduced for motorcycle tyres five years ago, this technological advance has since become a benchmark in the segment. It enables the same safety performance as a traditional tyre as well as a sporty ride, while also meeting user demands for a long-lasting tyre.

With the Power Pure SC, the slick central portion of the tread on both the front and rear tyres puts more rubber in the area most often in contact with the ground, thereby increasing longevity. To maximize tyre life, users are also advised to comply with the front and rear tyres' specific fitting directions to avoid uneven wear.

The tyre's shoulders are made with softer rubber that enhances grip and thus safety. As a result, the Michelin Power Pure SC holds the road firmly in all road conditions, even on wet, damp or slippery surfaces.

Lastly, the tread design of the Power Pure SC is directly inspired by the "fountain" tread used for racing tyres. In this way, the Power Pure SC delivers comfort and sporty performance, thus guaranteeing unparalleled driving enjoyment.

The Michelin Power Pure SC: will be available in a wide range of sizes to fit rim sizes from 12" though to 15".