August 1 2006.

This American-made adjustable spanner is a practical, versatile and lightweight tool that makes light work of alloy fittings on brake hoses, oil coolers and radiators.
The Lite Wrench is made from hard anodised alloy, so it will not mark or chew up re-usable alloy fittings.  When fully opened the jaws reach 40mm and so it will fit all commonly used sizes from 4mm to 20mm.
Weighing just 160g, the Lite Wrench is easy to carry and will be particularly popular with race teams who need to be able to change their 'performance plumbing' quickly and frequently.
Quality doesn't come cheap, but at £99.99 inc. VAT the Aerotek Lite Wrench is less expensive than buying a set of branded alloy wrenches in the sizes covered*.

Contact BSR Aerotek on 01386 849060 or
* Goodridge alloy wrenches sell for £19.43 each, so sizes -4 to -20 would cost £175- if purchased separately.