August 2 2006.

The VRR Cosmic helmet from Vemar is evolved from the Italian company's VSREV racing helmets, as used in MotoGP, and offers riders many of the benefits of the sporting product at a competitive price. 
The outer shell is identical to the lightweight (1390g) carbon/aramidic fibre/fibreglass item used in the top-of-the-range VSREV model, with two external shell sizes for an accurate fit.  Its compact design helps to minimise wind resistance, although Vemar have simplified the external vents to minimise costs compared to the full-on racing model.  There is a 3-position vent on the chin bar, complemented by two open/close vents on the crown.  At the back of the helmet there is an exhaust vent beneath the spoiler and two more at the base. 
Like the VSREV, the VRR Cosmic features a quick-release visor with an FIA inspired 'safety catch' to prevent it popping off in a crash situation. 
The interior of the VRR Cosmic feels instantly comfortable, thanks to a plush removable and washable lining treated with Antimicrobial Sanitized Protection to ensure it stays fresh.  Vemar are unique in using polyurethane memory foam to manufacture the cheek pads, which retain their shape even after extended use, unlike traditional foam padding. 
The Vemar VRR Cosmic helmet is available in sizes XS - XL with prices starting at £149.99 for the black colour option and £159.99 for titanium.  The 'Curtain' graphics, named after Australian World Supersport racer Kevin Curtain who is currently enjoying a successful season with Yamaha Germany, come in red/black, blue/black, grey/black and green/black at £169.99.

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