August 2 2006.

The Fairing Kit contains a selection of anodised alloy fasteners and nylon washers that will directly replace the original items to give a more visually appealing and durable finish.  The bolts are manufactured from 6061/7075 alloy, heat treated to T6 specification and with rolled threads and forged heads, giving a 6-0H bar tensile strength, which means they will give years of use and service.  Available in a wide choice of colours, including black and silver (likely to be the most popular choice for yellow, red and granite Daytonas) the bolts are chemically brightened and then anodised for a deep lustre.  The Fairing Kit retails for £15- inc. VAT and include an Allen key and sachet of lubricant.
Replacing the Pre-Load Adjusters with BSR's thin style anodised alloy items can add an interesting dash of colour to the front end of monochrome bikes.  Available in black, red, silver, blue, gold and purple they are supplied with the necessary Allen key to fit and retail for  £29.95- inc. VAT.
Paddock stand bobbins are a practical addition to any sport bike and the BSR-Aerotek items include a tough stainless steel bolt & collars that will withstand repeated use and are strong enough to carry the weight of the bike.  They are supplied with an anodised alloy cup washer, so that they can be colour-matched to the machine, in a choice of black, red, blue, purple, turquoise, silver & gold  priced at £7.20.

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