April 19 2012.

The Marving Superline range of performance exhausts for Japanese sports bikes is now available to order from leading trade parts supplier WMD.

Performance exhaust manufacturers invariably cater only for the latest machines, which means if you've got a 1990's or earlier sports bike and want a performance boost, you will most likely be out of luck.

To overcome this gap in the market, WMD now lists the entire range of Marving made-to-order Superline silencers, which fit a wide range of models dating from 1987 up to 2009.

Marving silencers are widely renowned for their exceptional high quality, because every step of production, from design through to quality control and packing takes place within Marving's own Italian factory.

Every Superline silencer is dyno tested to produce a general boost of torque throughout the power curve and can be fitted without further modification, although fine tuning of air and fuel intake systems will produce a larger performance gain.

For many applications, the Superline range is available in a choice of shapes and materials and E-marked silencers are provided with a baffle which can be removed for race use.

Retail price examples including VAT:
Suzuki GSX-R1000 2001 Superline 'Oval' Aluminium Silencer (Not Homologated) - £160.00

Honda CBR600 1987 Superline 'Round' Carbon Fibre Silencer (Not Homologated) - £270.00

Kawasaki ZXR400 1989 'Oval' Titanium Silencer (Homologated) - £280.00

Yamaha YZF1000R1 2004 'Oval' Titanium Silencer Pair (Homologated) - £540.00

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