August 3 2006.

Oxford Products has introduced the Oxford Maximiser 360T battery optimiser which is claimed to have the following unique features:
- It is a fully automated, live battery maintenance system - in other words, it has an analytical computer brain which keeps on thinking rather than a fixed charging sequence/program.
- It uses a record seven stages to optimise battery care.
- It offers three charge modes: motorcycle, car and turbo (for extreme cold and extra large batteries).  
- It is the only system in the world to feature an LCD screen - and a back-lit one at that. This provides real-time information on battery condition, maintenance mode, volts, amps - in short, it tells you what's happening. 
All of the above make this ultra modern CAD engineered workshop tool the most complete and universal battery maintenance system available in the world today according to Oxford Products
It retails for £49.99, including all the essential accessories (bulldog and permanent connection options, waterproof connector and fuse holder, wall bracket).
Additional accessories available include 12V cigarette lighter system (for cars, Goldwings and BMWs), additional connector kits and a 3m extension lead.

Oxford Products
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