February 8 2012.

Scottoiler has introduced the 2012 edition of the Scottoiler vSystem. The updated kit includes a specially developed reservoir cage to make installation even simpler. The kit has a recommended retail price of £89.95 and is now available.

The new reservoir cage condenses the previous three fitting options into one simple solution. Stephen Hood, Scottoiler research and development manager, stated: "We realised that customers were sometimes not sure if they should use the clamp, cradle or mounting sleeves to secure the reservoir. The versatility of the reservoir cage allows customers the flexibility to fit the Scottoiler onto the bike frame or under the seat via one secure method."

In addition, the 2012 vSystem kit contains self adhesive clips to replace the previous glue and conduit method of securing the delivery tubing. "The self adhesive clips allow riders to install the delivery tubing much more effectively and secure it out if sight, providing an all round neater installation" Stated Hood.

Scottoiler Sales and Marketing manager, Nick Muddle, said: "No one likes spending time lubing their chain, especially in the cold and wet, it's not the best part of being a motorcyclist. Scottoilers save you money and protect your chain, which makes them a valuable add-on, especially in the current economic climate."

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