February 20 2012.

An interesting new security product for 2012 is RoadLoK, imported from the USA by Two Wheel Centre (Mansfield) Ltd.

RoadLoK is a Thatcham approved locking system, permanently mounted to the motorcycle's front brake caliper. Simply push the sprung-loaded locking pin into the RoadLoK body, roll the bike forwards a few centimetres and watch as the pin locates through a hole on the brake disc - preventing all forward movement of the motorcycle. This is a really ingenious piece of kit.

Opportunist roll-away theft accounts for over 70% of bike theft in the UK. The RoadLoK prevents the front wheel rotating, inhibiting such roll-away theft.

What's more, the RoadLoK prevents the rider from moving off without removing the lock. The bike will simply stall. This can save the embarrassing and costly mistake of riding off with a disc lock still attached to the disc.

The RoadLoK will currently fit a range of 16 manufacturers, from Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki and Yamaha, through to Harley Davidson, Aprilia and MV.

Two Wheel Centre is currently looking for dealer partners to benefit from the high margin available in each RoadLoK sale. Dealers are supplied with full point of sale kits, and training on how to fit  and sell RoadLoK.

Abi Scott
Two Wheel Centre
Tel: 01623 627600 ext 1