February 27 2012.

The G8E-BT is a transceiver with Bluetooth technology that allows groups of riders and passengers to chat in crystal clear clarity even up to 5km apart, when using the Midland BT Intercom headphones or simple integration with Bluetooth enabled helmets .

The Midland Communications G8E-BT at a glance:

- A fully waterproofed device with a flush fitted' Push-To-Talk' button to enable two-way radio rider conversations

- Vox with 'TalkBack' and Intercom function

- 8 PMR446 channels and 16 Pre-recorded channels

- 38 CTCSS tones and 104 DCS tones

- 'Vibracall' and Call Function with 5 melodies

- Battery Status indicator and Power Save function

TheBT Next is a waterproof multi-pair intercom that allows up to four connections within a one mile radius, which automatically adjusts the headset volume based on ambient noise and driving speed.

The Midland Communications BT Next (£222.99 - Single Intercom) at a glance:

- Multi pair Intercom up to 4 riders

- Long distance up to 1 mile (1.6 km)

- Multi Device Compatibility - Bluetooth connections to mobile phones, stereo MP3 players and GPS devices

- AGC Technology: automatically adjusts the headset volume based on ambient noise and driving speed

- Stereo A2DP protocol for stereo music

- FM Radio receiver stereo with RDS - six station memory

- Programmable via USB (set up the unit and update the firmware)

- VOX Activation: Allows users to open the intercom connection , answer and make phone calls with voice dial

- Two types of microphone (boom mike and wired mike)

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