February 27 2012.

Anticipation is a good thing, unless it's completely unnecessary. Take the Kuryakyn catalogues for example. Up until this year, you'd have to wait until March to get the new Harley catalogue and you'd be among the lucky ones, because metric riders had to sit around until April to get their book. 

No matter what people tell you about patience being a virtue, waiting a third of a year or more for that year's catalogue is just no good.

But here's the deal, Kuryakyn's 2012 catalogues are available now, and both Küryakyn Harley and Metric books are coming out at the same time, in two-part harmony, and plenty early. In fact, they're already off the presses - yes, that would be hot off the presses - and they're being shipped as you read this.

Of course, they're always worth waiting for, but Küryakyn has taken the wait out of the equation by getting an early start on this year's catalogues. Each has about 260 beautiful pages and they contain around 4,000 part numbers.

So keep you're eyes open for the postman, he will be bringing your catalogues soon.

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