March 5 2012.

Peter Agg left the best legacy anyone could, and that was the huge success of the Lambretta in the UK.

His personal efforts with the great sales team of the late 50's, including Maurice Knight, is a testament that hard work and a great product result in a success story.

Peter Agg was renowned for his love of the Lambretta, Suzuki, and the Trojan experience. He was a great man, one of the "old school" who were gentlemen and knew how to act like one. He had a great stature, both in his size and his position in the motorcycle and scooter industry in the UK.

Along with Eric Brockway of Douglas Vespa, they ruled the roads with their outstanding products, when only ten years earlier Britain had been in a world war. These two great men gave us the hobby we have today.

With Peter's passing, they have both left us with the greatest legacy. A tribute to Peter is the strength of the product in the UK, even after all this time.

We have lost a stalwart, but I suspect Peter and Eric are up there planning something special.

Rest in Peace Peter.

Norrie Kerr
Vespa Enthusiast - The opposition.!!