April 14 2008.

Knox has invested all it knows about protection in the AEGIS to create the most technically advanced back protector available. Named after the mythological protective shield of Zeus, king of the Greek Gods, the new AEGIS back protector is the result of an intensive 12-month R & D programme.

Statistics show that over 25% of injuries to motorcyclists rated 'maximum' or 'critical' (the ones that cause crippling injuries or death) affect the spine yet there are still a significant proportion of riders unwilling to use a back protector. So the design team at Knox concentrated on tackling comfort, safety and style to resolve the issues raised by riders as significant factors when choosing a back protector. By developing solutions to these issues Knox have produced the most technically advanced and user-friendly back protector available today.

Prices vary according to size. A regular 8-plate for men retails for £79.99.

Tel: 01900 825825