March 21 2012.

VE has announced the arrival of two new exhaust systems under the "Black Line" brand line. The new systems are for the Yamaha T-Max 500 2012 Maxi scooter and for the Moto 125 machine from KTM, the Duke 125.

The Giannelli "T-Max Dark" range offers optimal performance and are priced to sell. Giannelli design and manufacture some of the best known scooter systems in Europe for most makes and models.

Yamaha T-max:
The new system for the Yamaha T-Max 500 - 2012, exudes both quality and performance at a very affordable price. The silencer comprises of a squared tubular section in brushed black finish with stainless steel end capping, with link pipe and matching downpipes included. The exhaust system includes the brackets, bolts, etc., that are required to fit the system to the T-Max. The complete exhaust system is exceptionally light and designed to give a boost in performance in the mid to high rev range.

KTM Duke 125:
The new system for the KTM Duke 125 comprises of a shortened length "Black Line" silencer with a squared tubular shape in brushed black finish with stainless steel end cappings, link pipe, and all required brackets and fixings for an easy and complete installation. Designed to give optimum performance for a minimal outlay.

To view the complete list of Giannelli exhaust systems for Maxi Scooters and Moto 50/125, visit