April 15 2008.

Skidmarx has introduced a double bubble screen to enhance the sporting profile of Suzuki's all-new GSX650F K8 all-rounder.

Double-bubble screens enhance the aerodynamics of the bike and increase the air pocket behind the screen, as well as giving the rider greater protection at high speed. This version draws on experience gained by Skidmarx working with the Rizla and Relentless Suzuki teams in British Superbikes. It is manufactured in the UK from tough 3mm acrylic and is supplied pre-drilled to directly replace the factory item. The double bubble screen is available in clear and tinted options priced at £49.95 (add £6 for colours).

Matching headlight covers are also produced, which follow the distinctive lines and curves of the GSX's headlight and offer protection from stone chips. They may be attached and removed quickly and easily with Scotch Lock fixing pads that are included in the kit. Like the screens they are manufactured from acrylic in clear, tint and colours selling for £19.50.

Bringing up the rear is a neat hugger, designed and produced in the UK by Skidmarx. This hugger is made from GRP fiberglass and has an integral chain guard to provide under-body, shock and linkage protection. It is supplied with a fitting kit and mounts from existing points on the swing arm without the need for any modification. The GSX650F hugger comes in black priced at £69.95 inc. VAT. Also in ultra light weight carbon fibre at £129.95. 

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