March 30 2012.

Responding to the needs of customers with multiple assets and so hard-wiring a unit is not an option, Acutrac has developed the BikeBack and BikeBack Plus portable tracking devices. Simply hide the unit on the bike or in the car you want to protect and away you go.
The two model range starts with BikeBack, a budget priced tracker designed to give a 'location on demand' service should your prize possession grow legs and walk. The BikeBack Plus unit has the additional benefits of giving regular position reports and a geofence facility. Both units are controlled via a secure, user defined and password protected web panel.

Utilising e-mail and SMS text messaging for a more reliable contact in low signal areas, both units are sold with an inclusive two year SIM card contract - so there's no chance of the number being re-allocated in the contract period should you choose just to make emergency location requests.

The internal batteries will keep the units live for up to six months and a mains charger is supplied to keep them at peak performance. They can be hard-wired too, and it's a simple DIY job.
So, with BikeBack priced at £225 including VAT and BikeBack Plus at £275, with no other charges except the cost of texts used, (around 10p per message), within the two year contract period, these super-compact units are about the best value tracking units around.
For more information go to where you will also find information on the full range of Acutrac Tracking Devices and case studies of how they have helped customers get their bikes back.