May 30 2012.

Trade parts specialist WMD has expanded its Simota range of high-tech, reusable performance air filters, which as well as being attractively priced, have also shown power gains of between 2bhp and 7bhp compared to original filters.

Standard paper air filters block airborne dirt particles which are too large to pass though the paper fibre, but also block airflow though the fibre in the process. As more dirt particles are trapped, so the restriction to airflow increases, starving the engine of air and cutting performance. Most foam air filters utilise oil to help retain dirt particles, but again, the build-up of dirt particles accumulates into a sticky mess without frequent cleaning and re-application of fresh oil, and again, performance suffers. The soft foam is also prone to distortion from the ever-changing air intake pressure, and this can dislodge trapped particles and force them through the foam and into the engine with potentially catastrophic results.

Simota's reusable air filters combine the best design and construction elements of both paper and foam filter technologies, utilising the 'sticky fibres' approach and the pleated element construction to maximise surface area, air flow and dirt particle retention. Some re-usable air filters use an aluminium mesh, which can corrode and distort, but Simota use a rigid stainless steel mesh which does not corrode or distort.

The main body of a Simota air filter is made from EPDM, a synthetic rubber material with outstanding heat resistance properties. Some synthetic bodied filters may actually begin to melt at 100 degrees centigrade, but Simota filters have been tested at up to 140 degrees centigrade without distortion.

Attention to detail is an important part of the Simota design and production philosophy, which results in filters that can be up to 30% lighter than the original equipment item. High manufacturing standards also minimise rubber and glue overflow on to the filtration material, which on some aftermarket filters can reduce the filtration area by up to 20%.

When a Simota filter becomes visibly contaminated, it is a simple task of removing, cleaning, re-oiling and re-fitting. Full cleaning instructions are included with each filter and Somota cleaning fluid and oil kits are also available from WMD. With regular and careful maintenance a Simota filter can last the life of the motorcycle.

Retail Price examples including VAT:
Honda CBR 125 R: £19.50
Yamaha XTZ 660 Tenere: £31.43
Harley Davidson FLSTFI Fat Boy: £32.00
KTM 990 Adventure: £45.00
Triumph Daytona 675: £48.00
Suzuki VZR 1800: £65.94

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For details of the full range of Simota air filters contact:
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