May 22 2012.

Trade parts specialist WMD has expanded its listing of Athena high-quality gasket sets to cover an even wider range of the more popular sports machines and off-road models.

In many cases when it comes to replacing gaskets, the original equipment manufacturer may not sell a complete kit, leaving the customer to spend time finding part numbers for each specific gasket and seal. The total cost of original equipment gaskets can also prove to be prohibitively expensive when bought from the original manufacturer.

When an original equipment 'full' gasket set is available, they don't always include all the same items as the comprehensive Athena full gasket set. Athena full gasket sets listed by WMD contain all the gaskets, O-rings and valve stem seals, where appropriate, and are made in Italy to meet or exceed the highest original equipment specifications, yet still provide substantial savings over the original equipment price.

Athena supplies original equipment gaskets to a number of major manufacturers and the same original equipment materials, quality and technology goes into each and every Athena aftermarket gasket set.

Retail Prices including VAT:
Yamaha DT125R - Athena: £27.64. OEM: £44.20
Honda CRF250R - Athena: £95.29. OEM: £127.82
Kawasaki KLR650C - Athena: £108.71. OEM: £136.43
Yamaha FZS600 Fazer - Athena: £168.97. OEM: £209.38
Honda CBR125R - Athena: £36.11. OEM: £42.50
Honda CBR600RR - Athena: £203.86. OEM: £290.10
Yamaha YZF600R6 - Athena: £204.95. OEM: £221.99

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