August 9 2006.

Designed to directly replace the original items, the BSR-Aerotek disc rotor bolts are made in the UK from A2 grade stainless steel and have a 700N/mm2 tensile strength and rolled threads with forged heads for extra resilience.  So not only will they improve the machine's appearance, because they will stay looking good, they will also ease routine maintenance.  By resisting corrosion they are unlikely to get rusted into place and their high quality material and manufacture mean that they can be used over and over again, with minimal risk of damage to the bolt head.
So these stainless disc bolts will stay looking great and stay working well too, which means maximum wrench grip and minimum frustration.
BSR-Aerotek Disc Rotor Bolts are available at the introductory price of £4.10 each, or in packs of five, priced at £20.00 inc. VAT.

Contact BSR Aerotek on 01386 849060 or www.bsr-aerotek.com