April 12 2012.

The Scottoiler Approved Retailer Network aims to ensure that any consumer can access Scottoiler products at a retailer near to them throughout the country, and in doing so they should be able to experience the entire Scottoiler range with a high level of service to go with it. This means Scottoiler want the retailers to know the products and be able to explain them to the customer. Additionally, Scottoiler wants to add value for the retailers involved, so they will benefit from product training, additional margin and a fully merchandised Scottoiler display stand.

Scottoiler identified that many retailers are not fully tooled up to selling the product and most, when asked, over estimated the number sold. The idea with the Scottoiler Approved Retailer Network is that with a little effort from both parties they can increase the turnover of Scottoiler product to everyone's benefit.

Retailers with workshops can doubly benefit from a product sale that also requires fitting and Scottoiler wants to make sure the customer is given the best installation possible, so fitting training will be a key part of this.

Retailers that are interested in finding out more about the Scottoiler Approved Retailer Network should contact Kevin Rooney at Scottoiler on 0141 955 1100 or email