August 10 2006.

Acumen, the UK's leading motorcycle electronics manufacturer, has introduced a simple motorcycle horn in response to requests from trade and riders for a robust quality replacement item.
"Motorcycle horns are generally mounted forward of the engine, where they are exposed to the elements with predictable consequences, which can lead to an MOT Failure*" comments Acumen's Dave Martin.  "We talked to so many customers who were fed up with low quality replacement horns we thought we'd do something about it."
The Acumen horn is similar to the original equipment fitted to most modern motorcycles and operates at 134 db, which is the threshold of pain for hearing, so it should attract other drivers' attention.  Available in chrome or black plated finishes, Acumen horns are 'E' marked and thus road legal. An added bonus is that they are supplied in a stylish presentation steel tin - handy for keeping spare nuts and bolts (or earplugs) in after the horn is fitted.
The Acumen Horn sells for £9.99 inc. VAT in either Chrome or black.
Contact - Tel. 01264 359922 - Web
* "A horn which operates but is not loud enough to be heard by another road user" may be rejected during MOT testing.