August 10 2006.

Bagster - from Baglux, the clip-on luggage experts - has launched a new range of soft panniers that strap securely to the bike. Smart, expandable and with a built-in waterproof rain cover, these Bagster panniers come with carry-handles, and can even be converted into handy backpacks - so they're easy to carry off the bike as well!
Sport Saddlebags are designed specifically for sports bikes, or any machine with a high exhaust pipe. Their sleek and streamlined shape blends well with a sports bike rear end, and they come with internal elastic straps to keep the contents in place. Expandable from 21 to 30 litres, they quickly unclip when you reach the hotel. Available in Silver/Black, Silver/Red and Silver/Blue.
Touring Saddlebags are tough, practical and roomy, perfect for any naked, touring or retro bike. With all the same features as the Sport bags, they add two side pockets, and are expandable from 25 to 39 litres. Available in Silver/Black. Silver/Red and Silver/Blue.
Plus...Muffler Pad - unique to Bagster, the Muffler Pad will protect panniers from accidental contact with the exhaust. Tested at over 300 degrees Celsius, the Pad is adjustable to any pipe angle/position, thanks to hooks on the panniers. Avoid that melting feeling.

Contact Baglux on 01745 823333