August 10 2006.
Pipercross  is to be the official air filter sponsor to the 675 Triple Challenge, promoted by T3 Racing.
The Triumph Daytona 675 is the weapon of choice for the Triple Challenge.
As the organiser of this prestigious series, T3 Racing not only hopes to attract some of the most gifted young riders in the country, but also and uniquely for a series of this kind, open the door to some exceptionally talented, but more mature riders.
T3 Racing spokesperson Tony Scott said:
"The Triumph Daytona 675 came from nowhere in terms of production and has taken everyone by surprise, whilst heralded as a great road bike it has already shown its intentions on the track and this can only add to the value of this forthcoming series. I for one cannot wait to hear thirty eight howling triples descending upon premier race tracks in the UK and to show exactly what they are capable of .
To build a motorcycle that can get close the Japanese is an achievement, to build something that (by our MRO results) can beat them is quite something.This series intends to give a broad spectrum of riders the chance to show off a superb British product as well as their own talents on an even playing field, after the World Cup lord only knows we need it.
I am sure that the performance of this Hinckley Triple coupled with the pride we have in all things British will ensure full grids and lots of close racing action. "
 For further details of the 675 Triple Challenge, visit the T3 Racing website at www.t3-racing.co.uk