April 17 2012.

Where is all the insurance repair work? An often heard comment in motorcycle dealerships across the UK. The answer is simple and Ridemaster UK claims to have the solution to help your dealership too.

More and more in recent years, insurance companies whisk repair work away from local dealers into centralised workshops, totally out of the retail dealer network.

Ridemaster UK is the leading motorcycle claims management company. Ridemaster works with many dealers across the UK to ensure they get as much of their own customers' repair business as possible. This means helping the dealer communicate this service to their customers, but perhaps more importantly helping the customer handle their claim with their insurer from the beginning. Instead of the bike being removed to an anonymous location, it remains with the dealer and so dealers keep their customers happy.

Ridemaster UK handle all contact, negotiations and admin with the insurance company and can supply a replacement bike too if covered by the insurance policy.

Ridemaster UK managing director Nigel Westacott knows this is a win-win situation. "Dealers all over the UK are reaping the rewards of our service, and making thousands of pounds per year in extra workshop repair revenue. Their customers are kept in the family fold at a time of need," he explained.

A good example of this is A&M Motorcycles of Letchworth, whose managing director Shane Oats said: "We've been working with Ridemaster for over 18 months. We like the fact that it's one point of contact which makes life so much easier. We find the bike repairs are dealt with quickly and efficiently, and we do not have bikes on our premises for long periods of time. But the real advantage for us is keeping our customers in house. The professionalism of Ridemaster reflects really well on A&M Motorcycles."

To find out more about the profit opportunity available for your dealership, call Ridemaster today on 0800 810 8214. www.ridemaster.co.uk