August 11 2006.
Devitt is warning motorcycle dealerships that they need to be extra alert to the chance of their business falling victim to a fire over the long hot summer months.
A combination of heat, lack of rain and the school holidays raises the chance of fire breaking out - either accidentally or through arson.  But worryingly, according to Devitt, 60% of businesses have no fire protection and 75% have no continuity plan to deal with the aftermath of a serious fire.
Devitt Director William Hughes says, "The summer heat can bring serious problems for dealers.  Many dealers will have empty boxes and other combustible waste in bins outside their premises; all extremely flammable in these dry conditions. It doesn't take much for a passer-by to discard a match or cigarette into this to start a fire." 
He continues, "Most major fires on commercial premises are caused by the availability of flammable material to feed the fire, so a highly effective measure is to ensure that all waste material is removed from yards or is secured in bins with metal lids."
In terms of physical security, Devitt recommends that dealers consider a number of practical measures against fire risk, such as fencing, exterior lighting, installation of CCTV and alarm systems.  
Mr Hughes adds, "A fire risk assessment does not need to be complex, or to take up a lot of time.  What it does need to do it to identify where a dealership is most at risk and make sure that they are as safe from fire risk as possible.   A sensible assessment of your particular risks will mean you can focus your efforts to reduce the opportunity of arson attacks or accidental outbreaks of fire."