June 12 2012.

The BC Battery Controller range is now available from new sole UK distributor WMD. A specialist retail press advertising and PR campaign will support the launch of the new BC Battery Controller range to help promote parts department traffic and demand.

The BC range is proof that premium battery maintenance devices do not have to cost the earth, providing optimum performance and design without a premium price tag. BC chargers and accessories are designed, developed and manufactured in the BC Battery Controller factory in Italy.

The BC K900 model is ideal for the re-charge, long term maintenance, and recovery of all 6V and 12V batteries, including the 12V CAN-BUS system utilised by many BMW, Ducati, KTM and Triumph models.

The sophisticated 8-cycle technology is fully automatic and ideal for all 6V and 12V lead/acid batteries, be they conventional, maintenance free, gel, AGM or VRLA.

A latest-generation microprocessor manages the initialization, recovery, soft charge, bulk charge, de-sulfation, analysis, maintenance and equalization as appropriate for the state of a battery, and can even recover deeply discharged batteries from as little as 1.5V.

Batteries can be delicate and the BC K900 is designed with this fact in mind. It does not produce sparks, is protected against short circuit, reverse polarity, overheating and overcharging. This makes ithe BC K900 ideal for the 'connect and forget' market and can remain connected for months at a time with no risk to the battery, using its smart-charging algorithm to keep the battery balanced and in the optimum charged condition.

For the all-year, all-weather rider, the BC K900 also includes a permanent, waterproof eyelet connector that can be left on the bike to allow charging without needing the rider to access the battery terminals to connect each time A CAN-BUS connector is also included with the BC K900 model whereas most other manufacturers charge for this as an extra.

The BC K900 package retails at £53.50 including VAT and includes:

- BC K900 charger with mode-select for 6V, 12V, and 12V CAN-BUS

- Bracket for wall mounting

- UK or European mains plug

- Cable with insulated clamps

- Waterproof permanent cable with eyelets

- CAN-BUS connector with adaptor for car cigarette lighter.

WMD trade terms apply.

Contact: WMD.
Tel: 01273 595746.