April 23 2012.

Tyresure has introduced a lightweight TPMS kit suitable for all motorcycles.

TPMS is a sensible on any type of vehicle, but on a motorcycle, where tyre to road contact is everything, TPMS makes even more sense. The new Tyresure system offers a huge leap forward, both in terms of safety and service life for road-focussed riders, but also in terms of achieving a precise set-up for those bikers who like to venture out on track occasionally.

The compact system features two lightweight sensors, each weighing just 27.5 grams. These directly replace the usual valves in each wheel and precisely measure both air pressure and temperature as the bike is ridden. Each sensor samples both parameters every three seconds, constantly updating itself with new information. This is then processed and clearly displayed on the small, but clearly legible information console which can be mounted anywhere on the handlebars or fairing.

Priced at £135.00 including VAT, the kit is a two-wheel essential on safety grounds alone.

For more information on the system, visit www.tyresure.com or call  01530 517920.