August 16 2006.
Roadsure, one of the fastest growing bike insurers in the UK, is offering dealers across the country a great new incentive scheme.
Every customer referral given to Roadsure brings the chance to win £10,000. Not only that, but dealers will also get a £30 commission cheque if Roadsure are successful in winning the policy!
"Roadsure's dedicated dealer support team will be sending out lotto scratch cards to participating dealer partners on each and every referral, even if we don't win the customer's policy, giving you unlimited chances to win £10,000," said Roadsure's MD Simon Jackson.
Roadsure will supply customers with one of the best insurance quote search engines in the UK. The company has links with a wide range of major underwriters, and will find a highly competitive quote tailored to customers' needs, whether they ride a standard bike, a classic, trike or scooter.
Roadsure claims to be the specialist bike insurer with the contacts to give your customers the best quotes.  They are also committed to supporting dealers with first class customer service from a dedicated dealer team and hotline: 0845 347 0267.

Dealers can find out more about Roadsure's "QUOTE TO WIN!" by contacting Jon Feeney on 07990 966629 or emailing