August 16 2006.

Venhill has developed a dual action throttle kit for the Husqvarna SMR450RR that offers both fast and medium settings and converts the twin cable push/pull throttle to a simpler single cable design.
The Dual Action twist grip is a proven design with a cast alloy body and quick cable connection feature, so it is robust and simple to maintain.  The cable is a Superlight item, made in Venhill's UK factory from galvanised 7x7 wire rope, which is both flexible and resistant to corrosion and an outer casing consisting of a steel spiral casing with a commercial PVC sheath extruded over it.
Although designed for the SMR450RR, this neat kit will fit most current 4-stroke Husky models and Venhill produce versions for many other MX and supermoto machines, selling for the modest price of £49.95 inc. VAT.
Riders thinking of converting their MX machine to a Supermoto will be delighted to learn that Venhill has created a range of Universal Supermoto front brake hoses. Most owners will shorten the suspension when they convert an MX bike to supermoto specification and so they need a shorter brake hose too. The Venhill hoses are all manufactured in their UK factory and tested to 1500psi.  They are produced in 1200mm, 1300mm, 1400mm, 1500mm and 1600mm lengths in a variety of colours and are supplied with a 20° banjo bolt to fit the master cylinder (customers can specify the angle of banjo that is required at the calliper end).
Venhill Supermoto hoses retail for £39.99 inc. VAT

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