April 26 2012.

Scooter Community is the fastest growing Social Media Website for moped and scooter riders in the UK and is managed by Lexham Insurance Consultants Ltd.

The website was designed a few years ago to create firstly a place simply for scooterists to chat to each other and secondly as an online marketplace where Lexham Insurance, Lexham Dealers and other related businesses could communicate with those riders directly and vice versa.

The first website was a successful venture and it was decided to put further resources into the site. After a massive facelift the site re-launched in 2011 making it much more user friendly and now boasts well over 1,850 new members and 100 scooter clubs who use the site regularly. The website is promoted online, in relevant publications and at many scooter rallies and events.

Currently 175 businesses use the site to promote: New and Used Scooters - Parts and Services - Clothing, Helmets and Accessories - Motorcycle Training | News and Events... All for FREE!!!!

The site is supported by KYMCO, Tucano Urbano, Vespa Club of Britain, Morton's Publishing (Scootering, Twist&Go etc), Scoots Suits and Boots, Generation Glove amongst many other businesses.

A FREE web banner on the homepage is available for six months in return for either a prize for the website's monthly competition or an Exclusive Offer for Members.

How to register:
Just click on the sign up button in the top right corner of the website, complete your details and select business user. Once approved you are then free to use the site as much as you like. For example: place classifieds, start your own blog or even give advice in the forum!

To discuss advertising opportunities or to order Point of Sale/Web Banners contact:  or go online to