April 27 2012.

Datatag, the country's leading supplier of security marking products, was launched 20 years ago this year.

Originally conceived by the industry's need to combat the growing issue of motorcycle theft back in 1992, its unique approach of layered security has been instrumental in tackling theft ever since.

Today in 2012 the need to mark machines has never been more important. With over 26,000* motorcycles being stolen annually - 77 each and every day - the problem of theft is not going away. The increasing price of new bikes makes them ever more attractive to thieves, and the use of online auction sites to dispose of parts with little or no checks in place means security marking is now more vital than ever.

Ensuring identification is able to be confirmed beyond doubt is a key factor in tackling motorcycle crime, according to Gavin Smith, DC with the Metropolitan Police Stolen Vehicle Squad, who said: 'I can't stress enough how bikers can help us defeat these gangs by simply making the job of ownership identification easier. By using a security marking system like Datatag we can identify even the smallest part and bring about a successful prosecution. Better still thieves will ignore your bike in the first place as simply too much hassle and move on.'

Kevin Howells, managing director of Datatag said: "We're delighted to be protecting Britain's bikes 20 years on and look forward to the next 20! Our technology has developed significantly over the years and now with UV etching, unique DNA and improved electronic transponders, the Datatag system is the best on the market. Something BMW Motorrad has recognised by fitting our system as standard on all its new machines.'

To reinforce the effectiveness of marking schemes, the Motorcycle Industry Association commissioned research into theft in the UK and determined that a machine un-marked by Datatag is up to five times more likely to be stolen than one fitted with Datatag **. Datatag has a 100% success rate since 1992 in securing prosecutions and helping
to identify stolen property - something criminals are well aware of.

Datatag is also now the technology behind the plant and construction industry registration scheme CESAR, which has seen a dramatic reduction in plant theft since introducing Datatag technology. In fact the police, who welcomed the scheme, report that plant protected by Datatag is four times less likely to fall victim to theft, and if they do, are six times more likely to be reunited with their owners, thus confirming both the high level deterrent and identification benefits of fitting Datatag.

Available for a one off payment of only £89.00 (excludes fitting charges) Datatag's class leading security marking system, now 20 years on, is still the most effective means by which to keep a machine safe and defeat the criminals, with no annual or monthly fees.

Datatag's NEW 'UV' System comes with:

• NEW 'UV' etching technology for invisible permanent marking

• NEW invisible forensic DNA marking

• NEW and unique electronic transponder combination

Datatag's NEW system is also now:

• NEW 'Thatcham TQA' approved

• NEW 'Secured by Design' approved (Police preferred specification)

**Based on independent survey & summary report for the MCIA, "The Effectiveness of After Market Security Systems"

Information relating to Datatag and its services can be found on its official web site

Supporting Information: Datatag
• There are no annual fees when fitting Datatag. And when a motorcycle is sold the Datatag registration can be transferred to the new owner.**

• Once registered owners will receive a registration certificate including all details of their individual Datatag kit and a change of ownership form.

• The Datatag system has Home Office and ACPO accreditation under the Secured by Design scheme and complies with several other quality accreditations including ISO and LPS (Loss Protection Standards) for their secure database.

• Information is stored on Datatag's secure database - accessible 24/7 and which is both Home Office and ACPO Police Secure accredited.

• Datatag technologies have been approved by Thatcham under their strict new TQA Scheme.

• Many insurers give discounts of between 5%-20% off an annual premium.

• Datatag is distributed by Datatool - security specialists.

• Datatag is standard on all Yamaha scooters, ATV's and motocross bikes.

• Datatag was conceived by the MCIA in the early 1990's in order to combat the growing issue of motorcycle theft in the UK

• Datatag, previously a subsidiary of the Mitsui Corporation of Japan is now a privately owned independent UK company.

Each new Datatag 'UV' Kit contains
• Glass 'RFID' transponders

• ABS plastic 'Pill' transponders

• Etching stencils

• 1 x bottle of new 'UV' etching fluid

• 1 x bottle of Datatag DNA fluid with Datadots

• Transponder fitting glue

• Injector needle

• Bike warning decals

• 1 x fitting instructions

• 1 x Registration form

Supporting Information: Theft
• Nearly 26 thousand powered two wheelers were stolen in 2008.

• Recovery rates for Supersport bikes in 2008 was only just over 18% (against the average of over 41% for all bikes, or nearly 80% for cars) reflecting the trend towards breaking these types of machines for parts rather than selling them whole.

• Motorcycles are nearly 4 times more likely to be stolen than cars.

• Motorcycles of between 2 and 6 years old are all at higher risk than new machines, possibly due to owners perceived risk and lack of suitable security.*

* Home Office Findings Report 269; The Extent of Motorcycle Theft, 2005
** a small administration fee applies to transfer requests.