August 17 2006.

Planet Knox has reinforced its position as market leaders in windproof motorcycle clothing with a major revision of its entire range of Cold Killers with a new look, new packaging and a new marketing message.
"During winter 2006/7 we'll be alerting riders to the fact that even moderate Hypothermia is a potential killer for motorcyclists, so investing in Cold Killers won't just make you more comfortable, it might just save your life" comments Knox MD Geoff Travell.
According to NHS Direct, the symptoms of moderate hypothermia include "inability to think or pay attention to events, confusion (some people don't realise they are affected), fumbling hands, and drowsiness" any or all of which could have fatal consequences when trying to control a motorcycle.
In addition to this compelling message, Knox has revamped the design and presentation of the Cold Killers range for 2006/7.  The incredibly effective Cold Killers 3D+ fabric used for the tops and pants has been extended across the whole collection, with silver/grey stitching to emphasise the more ergonomic fit and the distinctive red squiggle 'signature'.  
Cold Killers has always been noted for its excellent fit and the hoods and neck tubes have been further sculpted to remove excess material from the neck area.  New display hangers replace the original blister packs, so that customers can see these shapely accessories for themselves.  Display stands are supplied free of charge in return for a modest stocking commitment.
In spite of all these changes, retail prices remain highly competitive, starting at a modest £12.99 for a neck tube.  Socks and gloves sell for 14.99 and the Sport Top II and matching Sport Pants are available for £49.99 and £39.99 respectively.

Planet Knox Ltd - tel: 01900 825 825