May 2 2012.

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) has been reviewing the compulsory basic training (CBT) syllabus with industry stakeholders. This has resulted in proposals to:

• introduce a restriction where CBT has been done on an automatic moped or motorcycle

• give more flexibility in the delivery of the syllabus

• make additions or amendments to the syllabus

Changes to the syllabus are unlikely before 2014. They'd be subject to regulatory approval and consultation. DSA will continue to review these proposals.

CBT guidance notes
Following feedback from the industry, DSA has published CBT guidance notes for the current syllabus. From October 2012 these will be used to support the Cardington assessment for CBT trainers as well as for feedback after standards checks.

The approved training body manual has been updated to include reference to the guidance notes.

Future DSA plans
This year DSA will also:

• see if similar guidance can be given for direct access

• research better CBT learning materials with trainers and learners

• improve communications with learners on what they should expect from taking CBT and of an approved training body