May 9 2012.

New editions of official Driving Standards Agency (DSA) software revision materials have been published today, to help learner motorcyclists fully prepare for their theory test.

Live theory test questions have not been published since 23 January 2012. Learners can no longer rely on memorising theory test questions and answers and will instead need to develop a thorough understanding of riding theory, making them safer road users. The latest official software provides learners with all they need to prepare for the case studies and unseen multiple choice questions.

Candidates can study background information on every topic, presented in an easy-to-remember way. The DVD-ROM includes every official DSA theory test revision question and answer which are very similar to the type of questions that will be asked in the real test.

Mock tests
Learners can sit unlimited mock tests which offer the closest experience to the real test, helping candidates understand what is expected of them on the day and giving them every opportunity of passing first time round. Learners can monitor their progress at each step to find out exactly where they can improve so they can modify their revision accordingly.

Further help
To help candidates really get to grips with riding theory, each question includes a full explanation and references to;

• The Official Highway Code

• Know Your Traffic Signs

• The Official DSA Guide to Riding - the essential skills

New editions for 2012:
• The Official DSA Theory Test for Motorcyclists

• The Official DSA Biker Pack (includes The Official DSA Theory Test for Motorcyclists DVD-ROM and Better Biking DVD)

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