April 25 2008.

Datatool claims that it's best selling Thatcham approved S4 alarm range is now the UK's No1 selling alarm. A recent survey found that 47% of bikes had a Datatool alarm fitted and the S4 is the biggest seller in the range.

Launched in 2006, the S4 range of alarms is now the market leader and is the only software-based alarm system available in the UK. There are now more Datatool alarms fitted to motorcycles across the UK than any other brand.

The success of the S4 is largely down to the fact that it was designed by Datatool engineers who specialise in motorcycle security and is sold through a dedicated and trained dealer network.

Motorcycle theft continues to be a major problem in the UK. According to Government figures theft rates for motorcycles are much higher than those for cars. In 2003, the theft rate for motorcycles was 37 per 1,000 registered on the road compared with 10 per 1,000 for cars. A shocking survey by the National Crime Intelligence Service revealed that more motorbikes are stolen in the UK than are bought new, and £3 million worth of motorbikes are stolen from UK streets every month.

Datatool not only manufacture alarms, but have an extensive range of hard security products such as heavy duty locks and chains, secure ground anchors, disc locks and security tagging systems.

Datatool has published a Top Ten Tips for motorcycle security on its website:

1. Alarm it: Get a combined alarm and immobilizer fitted professionally. Most insurance companies will give a discount if approved alarms are fitted.

2. Lock it: Get a good lock and use it at home and in town. Make sure it is secured off the ground as this makes breaking through it almost impossible.

3. Secure it: Secure your bike to something solid such as street furniture or even better a ground anchor. When fitting an anchor place it by a wall or in a corner as this makes access to it much more difficult for thieves.

4. ID it: Security mark your bike in as many places as possible to deter the parts thief. The Datatool system is recognised and supported by every UK police force.

5. Garage it: If you're lucky enough to have a garage use it and lock it. For added protection combine it with Tip 3 - the ground anchor.

6. Keys: Keep yours safe and out of sight at all times - don't make it easy for thieves.

7. Steering lock: always put the steering lock on to make it harder to wheel the motorcycle away.

8. Possessions: Protect your helmet too - don't leave it or other articles on your bike.

9. Register: If you ride an off-road bike, ask the DVLA to register its details (frame and engine numbers) on their own and police computers - it's free. Plus remember Tip 4 - get it tagged.

10. Check documents: If you're buying a second hand bike or parts, be wary of motorcycles that appear to be 'bargains'. Have a good look at the registration documents and always check the bike's history with an accredited agency.