May 17 2012.

Basic PAYE Tools is a computer software package provided by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) to help businesses run their payroll throughout the year.

The free tool can be used to work out the tax and National Insurance contributions (NICs) for employees in each pay period. Companies with up to and including nine employees at 5 April, will be able to file their Employer Annual Return (forms P35 and P14) online and can also use it to file starter and leaver forms (P45 and P46) online.

A guide on the HMRC site explains what tools are contained within the application and when they might be needed, as well as how to download the tools and keep up to date with the latest versions.

• Important updates and changes to Basic PAYE Tools

• What can Basic PAYE Tools do?

• Who can use Basic PAYE Tools?

• Downloading Basic PAYE Tools

• Getting or updating Basic PAYE Tools if your computer doesn't have internet access

• Installing Basic PAYE Tools

• Using Basic PAYE Tools

• Uninstalling Basic PAYE Tools


Note: To avoid expensive penalties, remember to file your end of year payroll by this Saturday 19 May 2012.