May 18 2012.

R&G has released an option of 'No-Drill' kits on its award-winning motorcycle Aero Crash Protectors.

The distinctive teardrop-shaped crash protectors from the British firm are trusted by road riders and track users the world over to help protect a bike in the event of a crash or slow-speed spill.

Historically, R&G creates these crash protectors to attach to the bike at engine mounting points as this is the strongest area of the chassis, allowing the protector to guard the main sections of the frame and engine. For some models, access this strategic structural point requires modifying the fairing, usually by way of a 28mm hole cut with a circular saw.

For the past 13 years, tens of thousands of R&G customers - from racers, trackday riders and road users - have been prepared to do this in order to protect their machine, but R&G has listened to customers who do not wish to 'drill' their bodywork and has released a premium 'No-Drill' kit option.

To get round cutting, the new kits come with sturdy metalwork, bespoke to each bike, that navigates from the frame mounting points to gaps in the fairing, allowing the Aero Crash Protectors to be securely attached without the need for drilling.

R&G Sales Director, Simon Hughes, said of the new product: "From listening to our customers we know they don't always want to cut their fairing to fit crash protectors. There are inferior products on the market which use easy ways of avoiding drilling, but our development team have put in a lot of work and drawn on years of specialist experience to make the 'No-Drill' kits strong enough to cope with the same forces as regularly-mounted R&G Aero Crash Protectors."

R&G products can reduce insurance premiums and 'No-Drill' kits are currently available for a selection of popular bikes with more fitments being added constantly.

Current R&G Aero Crash Protector 'No-Drill' range:
BMW S1000RR 2012 £124.99 (conventional £67.99)
Honda Fireblade 2012 £249.99 (conventional £63.49)
Kawasaki ER6-F '09-'11 £199.99 (conventional £139.99)
Suzuki Hayabusa '08- £299.99 (conventional £63.49)
Triumph Daytona 675 £TBA (conventional £74.99)

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