May 22 2012. PICK OF THE WEEK.

VE (UK) has some great news for riders and customers who want a helmet that fits in perfectly with their lifestyle. VE (UK) in conjunction with NZI Helmets have created some truly unique limited edition designs that reflect the riding two wheels lifestyle to a tee. These exclusive helmets are only available through VE (UK) and the VE (UK) dealer network.

VE is offering a range of fashionable designs featuring iconic images of scooters, motorcycles and country specific flags, all available in both open and full face versions. The country flag series is ideal for scooterists or motorcyclists who wish to display their heritage for all to see.

NZI Helmets revolutionary process of digitising designs directly on to the helmet, rather than the application of stickers or vinyl that are then coated using a clear lacquer, results in a brighter, more defined and hard-wearing finish that will last the life of the helmet.

With all of the Limited Edition 3D helmets being approved for road use under ECE/UN R22.05 homologation, and the intensive testing and development in the NZI research and development labs, riders can rest assured that they are purchasing the highest possible quality and safety available.

To view the Limited Edition 3D helmets as well as the impressive range of 3D helmets in more detail visit

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