May 25 2012.

The non-profiting-making organisation TyreSafe is dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of correct tyre maintenance and the dangers of defective and worn tyres.

Endorsed by popular superbike racer Chris Walker, TyreSafe has urged motorcyclists to get in 'gear' and avoid possible biking blues by having their tyres checked before heading out for the, later than normal Spring Bank Holiday, this June which also includes the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations the next day. The holiday overlaps at the same time as the Isle of Man TT races, and states TyreSafe that means many more bikers will be heading out to watch the action, making pre-journey tyre checks even more important.

Stuart Jackson, chairman, TyreSafe, said; "Correct motorcycle tyre maintenance is essential for safer riding and will make all the difference to how a bike performs, whether riders are simply planning a relaxing ride out in their local area over the Bank Holiday weekend or taking a trip further afield to the legendary TT races on the Isle of Man."

To help riders understand what tyre checks they should make to get the maximum performance and enjoyment from their bikes, TyreSafe has a dedicated motorbike tyre safety section on its website www.tyresafe.org. In it, the organisation recommends riders should ideally seek professional advice when checking their tyres, but for those doing so themselves, it advises that particular attention should be paid to ensuring that there are no cuts, cracks or bulges in the tyres, and that there is adequate tread depth to meet the minimum legal requirements of 1mm (for bikes over 50cc).

"Bikers can be particularly vulnerable to the actions of other road users, so a properly maintained tyre is vitally important for optimum safety, performance and responsiveness as well other benefits such as longer tyre life and improved fuel economy," added Jackson.

Indeed, the message of improved performance is a central theme of TyreSafe's PACT campaign for motorcyclists, which stands for Performance, Air, Condition and Tread. 

For more information about PACT or general tyre safety, visit www.tyresafe.org