May 30 2012.

The government's online business resource Business Link has published an article on its website on the way in which more effective use of the web and associated technologies can help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

It outlines that adopting a web-based approach is more than just selling online. It's about such things as driving marketing through social media, increasing website exposure through search engine optimisation and procuring and enhancing supply chains through business-to-business websites.

Doug Richards (a former Dragon from Dragon's Den), with support from the Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS), has created a series of free videos which will teach interested parties how to fully leverage the internet.

The videos help with learning how to create an identity across the web, build a brand through social media and search engine marketing. They also instruct on learning how to find customers through pay per click and viral other techniques, how to sell online effectively and build a website that has an impact on customers.

The videos can be viewed free of charge:

Class 1 Starting up: 10 essential questions
Learn how to define a business proposition, understand the customer promise, articulate the promise concisely and set the stage for building the business proposition.

Class 2 Guide to Ecommerce
The five pillars of successful e-commerce sites: discovery, selection, price, availability, and delivery.

Class 3 Emarketing: how to be relevant
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and how online marketing can transform the way in which to advertise a business, its products and services.

Class 4 Getting started with social media
Learn why and how social media matters to business and the basics of developing a social media strategy that will help achieve your business goals.

Visit www.businesslinke.gov.uk to view the videos and find out more.