August 17 2012.

Trade parts specialist WMD searches the world for new parts, accessories and tools to add to its ever-expanding catalogue and a simple, but brilliantly useful new product line is this magnetic parts tray, which comes in two handy sizes.

Essential for every mechanic, workshop and retail parts stockist, the magnetic parts tray puts an end to those escaping bits and pieces that disappear across the workshop floor, leading to frustration, lost time and lost tempers.

Powerful magnets on the underside of the magnetic parts tray secures the tray itself to any ferrous surface, whilst also securing any nuts, bolts and other ferrous fixings that might otherwise be scattered from a displaced conventional container. A rubber coating on the underside of the tray helps to prevents marking a painted or finished surface, and also helps to prevent the tray from sliding when it is placed on a non-ferrous surface.

The 225mm x 150mm tray has a RRP of £7.36 including VAT and the 150mm round tray is £4.19 including VAT.

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