June 12 2012.

Goodridge Limited has launched a 'Limited Edition' Gold brakeline kit for 2012.

The 'Limited Edition' Gold Motorcycle brake line kit is part of the Shadow range and features gold poly-coated stainless braided PTFE hoses with black stainless steel hose ends, bolts and washers. In addition to providing a more responsive and firm brake pedal by eliminating the "spongy" feel that often accompanies stock rubber brake lines, Shadow brake line kits provide Goodridge's race-bred, long term durability, quality and performance.

Replacing OE brake lines with -3 PTFE hose improves brake feel over factory lines, eliminates sponginess, and provides shorter stopping distances and consistent braking in performance applications. The shorter stopping distances and improved pedal response provide safety features as well as performance advantages.

Gold Shadow brake line kits are available from all Goodridge UK distributors including Bike Torque Racing, Rob Hunter, Demon Tweeks and Bradbury Bros with prices starting from £25.99.

Visit for a full list of distributors.